When someone tells you what you want to hear, this is not being your friend.
When someone tells you what you need to hear this at times may not appear friendly. When someone shares with you what you do not want to hear, but it heals your Spirit, instead of conditioning your mind. This is the kind of friend you can trust, to let you know what is the best for your Spiritual walk.



05/17/2014 6:59am

We have so much planned for this year my wife and I, we planned to finish producing our gospel cd, finish and publish our book we are writing together entitled "20/20" I want to finish all my projects in my art work, begin work to get our screen plays on the big screen open another place of worship travel and preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and of course expand Quatro Vientos Four Winds Mexican Cuisine. So to complete all we to started with one and that is Quatro Vientos Four Winds Mexican Cuisine so this year as we expand our business and get it in a restaurant building we look forward to completing all we desire as God our Father allows us to be on the earth.


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